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20% sitewide! No code required. While stocks last.

20% sitewide! No code required. While stocks last.

    The Skin Today Mission

    Non-Plastic & Recycled Packaging

    At a time when consumers are using their wallets to influence change, being eco-friendly is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’ — it’s imperative.

    All materials used to pack your order are made of non-plastic packing materialspaper, cellulose, cornstarch. There may be some plastic in the packaging of a particular product, and this is because it was packaged that way by the manufacturer :( We work closely with our manufacturers to decrease and eliminate all plastic packaging. This is an ongoing task.

    In keeping with our mission to help clean up the planet and minimize waste however possible, we reuse boxes and packing materials that come into our warehouse. Some of these materials may have residual plastic on them, or we may reuse plastic packing materials we receive. We encourage you to reuse packing materials as well.

    New boxes and mailing envelopes we use are made of recyclable material. Our packing materials are primarily paper-based, including the tape. We also sometimes use cornstarch peanuts which are reusable and compostable, but not recyclable. While we strive to use packing materials that are 100% recycled, this is not always possible, in which case we use the highest recycled content available at the time of shipment.

    We encourage you to give the packing materials another life by reusing them for your own packing needs, or as a last resort, recycling them.

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